Memorial Day Weekend 5/28-5/30/22

The Flags are standing tall on the Coastal Loop! We roll on 5/28 – regardless of light rain – at 8:00 AM. The Marshfield route returns this weekend. Don is also leading a gravel ride on Monday.

5/28 Hanover 37

5/29 Halifax 50

5/29 Marshfield 32

5/30 Grist Mill Mixed 43

Please register for each ride on Strava. The Strava page is

Quabbin 5/14

The Quabbin Tour is coming up. We will run a SAG vehicle…it’s the white Subaru with 4 bike racks. I plan on having a stop at the convenience store in 202 and possibly 1 or 2 additional stops. This year we will go into the town of Petersham for a stop at the General Store overlooking the common after the stop on 202. The worst climb really is the “Monster” toward the beginning of the ride. Once you made it, then you are home free.

The route is slightly different from the prior years; each year features a bit of variation. Expect this to be 4 hours on the saddle. We want to go at a reasonable pace. Steady wins the war. Zippy doesn’t make up the final climb. The last climb will be onto the observation road for the Tower overlooking the Quabbin.

Please register at