Upcoming Club Rides

COVID can put a damper on anything. We are trying to keep it organized and flowing. If COVID cancels a ride, then we cancel. You must pre-register for rides. Our Strava Events track attendance and can be used for contact tracing.

Membership renewals will start soon. We are developing a new integrated waiver/dues page for the website. The President requires people not to duplicate their rides on Strava. There are a number of people posting their rides twice. They have not been removing their second copy of the rides. This limits the capability of Strava to show the weekly leaderboard properly. In fairness to the others, she is removing people until they delete their extra rides.

Our first SAG ride of the year will be the Quabbin tour on 4/24. This is a way to test your legs. This is suitable for A and B group rides. The Martha’s Vineyard tour is a casual affair that will zoom around the island on 5/9.

We are having a training weekend on 5/15 & 5/16 in Northampton. Northampton actually has a lot of rail trails, which makes it suitable for the C group. We will also have a challenging century on 5/15 and a tough hill ride on 5/16 for the A&B groups.

Our P2P will be on 7/17. This is a SAG ride. A/B/C members will be succesful on this ride. We roll at 7 AM. You must be in Ptown by 4PM in order to ride the ferry home.

Please register for all events on Strava. If you decide that you will not attend, then you simply go to the event and opt out. When you click on the route from the event page, then you can save the route to your Garmin or Wahoo by clicking on the STAR button towards the top left of the page.

3/6 Coastal 37 A/B/C
3/7 Halifax 50 A/B/C

4/24 Quabbin Tour – A/B Groups SAG

5/9 SSB MV Spring Tour (A/B/C Groups)

5/15 SSB Training Weekend Day 1 Century (A/B Groups)
5/15 SSB Training Weekend Northampton Rail Trails (C Group)
5/16 SSB Training Weekend Day 2 Century (A/B Groups)

6/19 B2VT (Must Preregister with B2VT – Epic Ride A/B)

7/17 P2P (A/B/C Groups)