About the club

We incorporated in 2016. We welcome new members!  Just come to a ride and try it.  We ride south of Boston throughout the year.   We have riders of different capabilities and multiple streams so that you can grow.  Start off slow and develop into a great rider for touring.

We do have some jerseys in stock and we run a jersey/clothing order usually twice per year.

See https://www.facebook.com/groups/southshorebikers/.  Ride updates are posted on the Facebook page.  Our rides are posted on the strava page.  Maps of the ride are shown on strava.

The objective of the club is to develop new riders into solid safe riders and build camaraderie in the cycling community.  Talk to an officer about your personal goals and how to develop them.   We will help you progress.  We ride all year long.  The winter/fall season is starting, soon.  The cranberry route is usually reliable and safer than our coastal route.  It is free from ice, flooding, etc.  Plus, sometimes it is a bit warmer.

Ride speeds stated on Strava within the description for ride .

  • Mellow grupo – perfect for new riders.  Stop and regroup.
  • C/B Grupos – ride in a paceline.  Safety conscious.  More miles in less time.
  • A grupo – very fast; not for everyone.
Club officers
President L Malone
Membership Wendy Torkelson
Vice President Chris Corbin
Treasurer Linda Adams
 Road Captain Eric Nichols

Bill O

Paul L

Ian Whiting

Tracy Hubbard

Jack H