This weekend

Next ride is 11/17/18 Sat is Hanover 37 mi. [272 Columbia St Hanover – BikeWay]

We roll for 37 miles on the coastal route.  Average 16mph and paceline.

Sunday will be a ride from the Cumberland Farms in Halifax to Marion for coffee at Uncle Jon’s.  This is a 50 mile ride.  We will average 16 to 17mph.  Pacelining required.

November ride update

We had a great ride, today. This was Christo’s first group ride. Good job! This was Chris’s second ride.

Starters incuded Marcel, Ian, Chris, Christos, Richard, and Bill.

We did the 37 mi coastal loop. The weather was not too bad. Christos said that he had been in Ireland, a lot. He was used to riding the wet weather. It only started to pour towards the end on River St. River St is finally paved!

Next 11/17/18 Sat is Hanover 37 mi. [272 Columbia St Hanover – BikeWay]

On 11/18/18(Sun) is the Halifax 50 to Marion [292 Plymouth St Halifax – Cumbies]. We stop for coffee at Uncle Jon’s enroute.

Cranksgiving is coming up soon.

2019 Events of interest

Keep an eye out for these events.  These are some of the popular events that will be held during 2019.  We hope to send a team to each one of those events.

If you are interested in riding with the SSB at one of these events, then ask Bill, Liz, Linda, or Paul.

  • May 5 Cranko De Mayo Gravel Grinder Sugarbush VT
  • Jun 10 King’s Tour Quabbin Road Century
  • Jul 15 SSB P2P
  • Aug 19 R2D2 Gravel Mass


Saturday ride might be cancelled due to rain.  Rain at 8am cancels the ride.

The forecast for the rain event is tapering. The probability for rain on Friday evening has dropped to 60%. It looks like the pattern is not moving across as expected. We should have a clear and sunny Saturday morning. Saturday will be the warmer of the two upcoming days.

11/4/18 Fall Ride

We had a great ride from the BikeWay in Hanover on Sunday.  7 riders rolled on the 44 mile route into Cranberry Country.   Next ride is November 10th from Hanover.  We will do the Coastal route.

We will have a ride on November 18th with the weather permitting.

Halifax 60 08/25/18

Looking forward to 08/25. We will try the new 62 mile route to Mattapoissett. Flat terrain. We would stop at the Town Wharf General Store.

GPX file is on the files section in the Facebook page.  Use this file for good mapping on your GPS.

The ride is also set in the Strava. Please register on the STRAVA. Strava will remind you of the ride on the day prior to the ride. It is helpful tool.

Meet at the Cumberland Farms in Halifax.
293 Plymouth Street, Halifax, MA
Route 58 and Route 106 intersection
Plenty of parking

P2P 2018 Recap

SSB P2P mappingThe club P2P was fun! We rode on Saturday(7-14-18). Cape traffic looked tough for those road warriors driving over the Sagamore bridge. We had a great walk over the bridge. We just kept on riding from the bridge. We stopped, briefly, at MP 47 at the Ferreti’s market.

I hope to make next year better. Things weren’t perfect but we had tough bikers. We had one flat. They worked hard. Those hills were found in Truro. Thanks to Liz for running the SAG wagon. The SAG wagon took one bag of clothing to Ptown for the finish.

We had a great turnout with Marta, Tracy, Vito, Eric, John, Chris, Jeff, & Phil riding from Plymouth to Ptown.

We also rode a new routing this year. Instead of taking the classic way of heading down Race Line to Phinney’s, we went the service road. One turn off the Service road connects to the old routing on 6A in a perfect flow. This avoids the need to take several left turns. Most of the service road consisted of pavement in great shape. I saw John D on the front leading the pack.

For most of the ride we stuck together and averaged 17mph. We did become fragmented on the many stops on the rail trail. As part of this change to the routing, we did not stop at Rock Harbor. We took most of the rail trail to LeCount Hollow.

There was the epic climb towards the Beachcomber…a few folks chased after an electric bike moving at 25mph up the climb. The wind was blowing perfectly. It came from a heading of 169 degrees. Which means that the wind was exactly behind our backs for the final approach into Provincetown. Usually a northeast wind provides a significant crosswind and slows the approach.

After the ride, we had a nice lunch at the Lobster Pot. Remember, the Lobster Pot is larger on the outside than the inside. It has a great selection of seafood at reasonable prices. We boarded the 4:30PM boat from MacMillian Pier, which took everyone back to Plymouth; cost was $32.


Sunday 05-06-18

Ride past cranberry bogs and gentle farmscapes as we cruise to the other “south shore.”  Generally, we only let them refer to it as the south coast.  Stop for coffee in Marion near the waterfront.  Course is 50 miles.  Features several long segments with good pavement.  Ride pasthalifax map 05-01-18 Paris-Roubiax(LaFrance Street), but not ride over the cobbles.

Roll at 9AM, sharp.  Meet at the Cumberland Farms.  292 Plymouth Street, Halifax, MA.

Time to wear the summer jerseys with arm warmers.  No more jackets!