The tradition continues

2017 snow pictureWe took our annual snow photograph, today.  Every year we take a picture to show the snow!  The snow was really high this year.  The roads were clear.  We had a temperature of approximately 35F.  So, sadly, the snow is melting.  Make sure you join our Strava group!  The link to the club page is off to the right.

Most did the 25 mile route from Hanson, today.  At Hanson we have a relatively flat route.  It takes approximately 1:30 to finish the route.  We went for coffee after the ride at the Dunkin’ Donuts.

We will ride next week on January 22.  We roll at 9AM, sharp.  We meet at the Shaw’s Supermarket plaza in Hanson (470 Liberty Street Hanson).



Halloween Ride

Halloween ride
Halloween ride

Some stopped to take pictures at the various Halloween spots. In the above picture is Andy, Pam, Maria, and Judy.  Maria is wearing the new podium 14590418_10209933260343549_4223094256235141248_njackets from DNA cycling that we ordered.  Toasty!  There is a second order of the jackets that is being fulfilled.  We will also make swaps with people to handle sizing errors.  Mike Togo is managing the jacket order.

In the picture to the left is most of the B and C groups at Togoland.  Togoland used to be actually laid in a different configuration from when we first created this route.  It has changed a little bit.  The town improved the safety of the roadway by changing the mouth of Fuller road and the intersection.  Togoland is located at Fuller and Thompson Street in Middleboro.

At Togoland

There was great turnout for the Hanson ride.  We had several groups. We had 40 riders.  Many rode 35 miles.  We had a new member, Eric, from Pennsy.  He just moved here! A large number of the group

14885849_10154716622649923_337180132_n (1)
Mike providing the safety talk

rode the 28 mile route through Fuller street and Franklin street.  Franklin street was repaved last month. This section runs past the infamous Corn Maze.  The transformation of the riding experience is immense.  Instead of riding a death trap full of people sized potholes we had fresh and smooth asphalt without any breaks.  Irish Liz and John lead a group.  Greg also lead another B group.  Mike lead the C group and Judy lead a C group on the 32 mile loop.




65 Mile Grist Mill route

In Onset
In Onset

On Saturday a bunch of rode from the Grist Mill. We did 65 miles.  We have several options from the Grist Mill.  It is great place to park within downtown Plymouth.  We can walk via the pathway to the waterfront for a recovery snack after the ride.

You don’t have to stick the exact route all of the time.  You can vary the route.  Some of the roads in Wareham and Rochester have new pavement. It is very enjoyable to ride them.  A good stretch in Middleboro was also paved.  It is nice to change it up every once in awhile.

On this route we actually went on the canal for a change of pace.  It is busy, but it was workable.  It was nice to have fully furnished restrooms at MP 20, too.  In the map shown below you can see the whole route.

We stopped for breakfast in Onset.  Around 10:30am, we were drinking coffee and eating pizza.  We heard a few stories from a man with a gift of gab.

Check out facebook page for impromptu ride scheduling.

Map of 65 mile route
Map of 65 mile route

Friday Night Time Trial results 07-22-16

Dan McCabe 27:35.8 #1  26.0mph
Dave McCutcheon 31:29.2 #2 22.9mph
Vito Visconte 31:44.1 #3 22.5mph
Robert Silvers 36:16.0 20.0mph
Travis Wenkalmen 36:16.9 19.9mph
Keith Naymie 37:31.7 19.1mph
Mike Borden 39:32.6 18.2 mph

Ladies Champion
Nikki Montanaro 44:19.0

Members found the course to have some challenges. The wind was unique to the course. The crosswind across the hay field slowed the direction of travel in both directions. The course was mostly north and south on one road.

The temperature was close to 90 Degrees. The humidity level was approximately 90%. This would also slow speeds. The higher humidity level increases air resistance.

In August we will try for a Time Trial on the Box in Middleboro, which is Precint, Thompson, Summer, and Plain streets.

Thanks for coming! I appreciate everyone’s hard work.20160722_185926

This week 06-21-16

The ride schedule is updated.  See  Mike will lead a ride on Sunday through a different portion of Middleboro.  We usually go in the area to the north of 44 and visit areas such as the Togoland rollers.  We will meet on Sunday at the Nicholls middle school for a different area.  This ride will go into the Lakeville region.  The ride is at 8 AM.  Please be ready to roll at 8.

On Saturday we ride from Norwell.  The ride is at 8 AM.

We will have several different speed groups depending on interest and abilities.


Brian makes it a special ride

Brian being notty Here is a picture of Brian in front of the some of the Saturday crowd.  You know that he took the picture himself.  He says that the ride is better just because he rode with us.  What do you think?  Many of us are not sure. 🙂

It was a great Father’s day weekend.  During the week many of us rode with Crack’o’dawn club to Provincetown from Plymouth.  This is a favorite ride of many members.  Judy has been doing it for years.  Mohammed’s first P220160615_073401P was on Wednesday.  Glenn did it for his third time.  Arvella is in the CycleLife jersey, but she is a South Shore Biker, too.  John is on the left.

You can order your South Shore Biker kits, now.  Go to the DNA Cycling webstore at



06-12-16 Weekend in review

Quabbin Tower
Quabbin Tower

We had a great weekend.  Many rode the Marshfield loop on Saturday.  A number of made it into a 55 mile ride from Halifax.  The weather held for us.  We had a bit of weird set of weather for the weekend, but we make do.  Best to enjoy rather than be miserable.  A storm front moved across the region on Saturday.  The humidity level was high.  It rained on the people heading to Vermont while we had sunshine.

On Sunday in the western regions toward the Berkshires we had lots of wind.  We were equipped for the wind with the men soldiering against the huge Atlantic winds battering us on the coastal route.

Climbing to the top
Climbing to the top

John took some of us on the 7 Hills Wheelmen Quabbin Century.  This century features a lot of climbing.  My garmin registered 8,000 in elevation gain.  The first picture shows John in his SSB jersey on the climb to the Quabbin observation tower.  This tower is in the southern part

Looking at the Quabbin from the bottom
Looking at the Quabbin from the bottom

of the reservation.  The place is massive.  We would eventually reach the northern part, later.  The metric group – they only rode 60 miles – would ride with us to the southern part of the Quabbin for the view.  They would not ride to the tower with us.

At the bottom you could ride along the water for a bit.  There are several dams.  When we left the Belchertown area of the reservation, then we headed towards Windsor.  On the way to Windsor there was a steep descent.  You could pick up speed but the the reservation funnels wind across one of the set of dams.

Tom reviewing the massive amount of water

You are up higher than the surrounding terrain.  The dams are over 100 feet tall.  They are like large earthern works.  The wind rips across the water.

At the top
At the top

The climb to observation tower features a 5% grade for 1 mile.  We were happy to reach the top.  The road features a wide and smoothly paved road.  This is great stuff.  All of the rated climbs are actually outside of the Quabbin Reservation.  Strava counted 5 rated climbs for this course.  We had more elevation gain than the folks that rode the B2VT.

Closing on Oakham
Closing on Rutland…in Oakham

The last picture is around mile 92.  A steady climb for miles concludes at this small village.  The next descent would start at the other side of this stop sign.  Just one big hill to go after this descent according to one gentleman.  He neglected to consider the absolute last hill on the final approach to the carpark.  Still, the roads in Rutland were great. The smooth pavement really helped.