Upcoming rides

We had a great club during the other week. The 48 mile route is working well. Now, we have 3 separate route options available from the Hanover start location. We had the Quabbin Tour on last Saturday.

Please note: due to COVID the planned Blue Hills workout ride was canceled.

See ride events for details and registration. Please register. This is how we gauge interest. If you don’t register and intend to show, then you might be discovered that the ride was cancelled due to “lack of interest.”

The Halifax ride in two Sundays will be a great ride for newer members to try more mileage. We will ride 50 miles on a relatively flat route. This features long segments without much traffic and goes through the beautiful bits of Plymouth Co. There will be a few farms and plenty of cranberry bogs. There is plenty of parking at the Cumberland Farms in Halifax. You can also park at the Walmart. The Cumberland Farms is located at the intersection of Route 58 and Route 106 in Halifax.

Don’t forget the P2P is in August [8-22-20]. This is a great tour. The club runs a SAG which brings your clothing to Provincetown. We ride to the beach in Provincetown and take the ferry back to Plymouth. You buy your own ticket for the boat. The Club provides the SAG free to members. This is a great ride!!

Upcoming rides

P2P https://www.strava.com/clubs/186760/group_events/634869

MV https://www.strava.com/clubs/186760/group_events/634866
July Century https://www.strava.com/clubs/186760/group_events/744067

Regular and recurring rides

Whit. 32 G.Z. https://www.strava.com/clubs/186760/group_events/740781
Hanover 37 https://www.strava.com/clubs/186760/group_events/743323
Hanover 48 https://www.strava.com/clubs/186760/group_events/634876
Mrshfld 32 https://www.strava.com/clubs/186760/group_events/743322

Halifax 50 https://www.strava.com/clubs/186760/group_events/744072


In compliance with the Governor’s directive, rides starting in April have been canceled.

We will start weekly rides in May.

Liz Malone-O’Hara

Gravel/Beach Ride

Marshfield – Gurnet Point Lighthouse Ride (21 miles)DATE: Sunday, September 22, 2019 TIME: 9:00 AM START: Marshfield Town Hall

COFFEE/BATHROOM: Mile 15. Coffee/quiche/egg sandwich at French Memories. There are bathrooms and water near French Memories (I have confirmation from the Harbor Masters’ office that the bathrooms will be open).

CANCELLATION: Rain, heavy fog or an exceptional high tide cancels- will not be rescheduled due to a migration issue.SIGN UP: Please sign up on Strava.

WHO? Open to everyone.You must have a bike capable of riding on a gravel/sand road along with asphalt roads. You should be able to maintain 12 mph on asphalt. Example: hybrid, comfort, cyclecross or mountain bicycle

NO ROAD BIKES as they will not be able to negotiate the gravel/sand road. Speed 12 to 14 mph on the asphalt part of the ride. If you have not signed a SSB waiver, you will be asked to sign one.

QUESTIONS: Please post here or email SSBmembership@gmail.com

RIDE CO-CAPTAINS: Jack Hanratty and Paul Loisellehttps://ridewithgps.com/routes/30783168

Club P2P [Plymouth to Provincetown]

Please register on the Strava page at https://www.strava.com/clubs/186760/group_events/468987 .

This is the second year that we are rolling the P2P. The date will be 7-13. Buy your ticket from Captain John. We will ride from Plymouth to the boat in Provincetown. Captain John will ferry you and your boat back to Plymouth.

If time allows then you can take an optional shower at the beach in the national seashore (free). We hope to eat at the Lobster Pot after the ride. 
There will be a stop at a point around mile 55 for sandwiches near a general store.

There will be two speed groups. There will be a sag wagon with look cleats ready to roll. One small bag of clothing and a towel will be taken for each rider from Plymouth to Ptown. *Small bag*

Parking is free at the start location. Park towards the end of the parking lot.

Road bikes required. 
Helmets required. 
Must sign SSB club waiver.

20Miles @ 12mph on 6-29-19

Slow riders – 12 to 14 MPH riders only 

The ride will be Saturday, June 29 at 8:00 am starting at the Marshfield Town Hall. This ride is open to 12 to 14 mph riders only. Please come at least 15 minutes early to sign the waiver and prepare your bicycle for the ride. You must have a helmet and be riding a road bicycle. No ebikes will be allowed on this ride.If you have already signed up on Strava, you need to sign up again. I was unable to change it, so I deleted it and started again. If you don’t have Strava, it is not necessary to sign up, please just show up. Signing up gives us an idea of how many maps and que sheets to bring.This route is still being vetted. The ride will take you from the back roads of Marshfield to the back roads of Duxbury, then onto the back roads of Pembroke, back into Marshfield to the Town Hall. I will post the map and que sheet when the vetting is complete. This route was designed specifically for this group ride.The ride should take a little more than two hours. There will be a coffee stop and a separate bathroom stop.Please post questions or comments below or send an email to ssbmembership@gmail.com

Ride will be posted as soon as the route has been thoroughly vetted. David Columbo and Paul will co-captain this ride.

-Everyone “must” wear a helmet 
-Everyone “must” sign a SSB waiver 
-Road bikes only, – No Ebikes 
(At this time, EBikes are allowed with the Marshfield 32 group only)

SSB Hanover 03-23

B/C Group ride

Register at https://www.strava.com/clubs/186760/group_events/470495 on Strava.

Roll from Route 53 to the coast. Meet at the parking lot behind the Bikeway Building. Bikeway is at 272 Columbia street. Do not park in front of the building. Buy some oil or tire levers from Aaron. Support our local bike shops.

Anticipate average to be 16-18 mph. We will regroup as needed, but try to keep tempo up and wheels rolling.

River Street is repaved. It is smooth as glass. The return now takes the entire section of River Street, which was repaved by the town of Norwell except the bridge owned by MassDOT.

On the way to the coast we roll down the smooth pavement on the big hill in wompatuck and take Wildcat Lane instead of Circuit st and Bowker.

HEAVY RAIN ALWAYS CANCELS ! ! Weather is expected to be nice on Saturday. Let’s have a good ride. We will focus on safe pace-lining.

1) brief safety talk prior to ride 
2) Must sign waiver


P2P will be a supported ride on 07-13-19. This is a Saturday ride. See the strava page for more details. Ride tomorrow! Meet behind the Bikeway in Hanover at 9 AM.

Upcoming rides 03-16-19

Upcoming rides schedule
03-16 Hanover
03-17 Halifax

03-23 Hanover
03-24 Franklin gravel practice

05-12 MV Tour
07-13 P2P

P2P will be a supported ride on 07-13-19. This is a Saturday ride. See the strava page for more details. Ride tomorrow! Meet behind the Bikeway in Hanover at 9 AM.