Year in review

Our videoman is Travis.  Many thanks go to him for taking video, editing it, and publishing on a regular basis.  It adds a lot to our website. He takes some wonderful videos of our biking throughout the various rides.  Some of the footage includes montages that feature photographs taken by others.

Some great video is shown from our annual skunk tour in which we travese the great island of Martha’s Vineyard on a social tour.

The most recent annual snow picture is also included!


Hanson Ride 1/1/2017

Due to the technical difficulty of the ride leader deciding to take the polar plunge we do not have a ride leader for the Hanson ride on Sunday.  It will be a show’n’go.  I suspect that others will show.

Some of us will go to watch Mr. Togo insert himself into the cooling waters found at the L Street Bathhouse.  All members are welcome to attend.


Christmas day Ride

Hanson ride is at 9am sharp on Sunday.  Please do not be late as people need to be home, ASAP.

The ride will be 25 miles.  Use 470 Liberty St, Hanson, MA in your GPS.  We park on the southeastern side of the Shaw’s Supermarket plaza.

Merry Christmas


December 12/08 – 12/11

We are starting to see cooler temperatures.  Wear your Lake CX303 winter boots.  Mike is wearing his Sidi winter shoes. Wear good stuff.  Everyone is trying the Craft Siberan lobster gloves, now.  Thanks to Travis for the recommendation.

The Wednesday wheelers ride from Wompatuck at 9AM on December 8th, 2016.

Mike is leading Norwell at 10AM on Saturday.  He is trying his new Sidi Boots.  So, we are doing the Coastal route at 10AM on Saturday from Norwell High.

The Hanson ride is on Sunday at 9AM, sharp.  Be Ready to wait for the train.  Our motto is “Hurry up and wait.”  Below is a review of new light system by our technical guru, Robert.

The Hanson ride meets at the Shaw’s Supermarket plaza in Hanson.  The GPS address is 470 Liberty Street Hanson MA

December is rolling.

The difference between Saturday and Sunday was 5 degrees. Sunday was at 35F. Andy is wearing his Lake 303 winter boots. I will polish mine. Saturday was a nice ride through Sharon, Foxboro, Canton, and Milton. Many of us rode up the Moose Hill Grade. We did the Hanson ride on Sunday which found the temperature dropping from the “warm” times of Saturday.

Hanson ride is next Sunday at 9AM.


Hanson Ride

Captain Cold(Len) is in close place for #2 on the leaderboard.  Tracy made the leaderboard last week with the #3 spot.  There was a lot of activity over the last two weeks.  Paul took #1 spot with 200+ miles.

The turnout was small but powerful on Sunday.  Everyone was in positive spirit and a good time was had.  It is still relatively warm at this stage. Wait for January.  You will see cold, then!

Look for the Garden Gnome.  Most of the routes go past it!

Hanson ride report 11-13-16

Group photo by Mohammed at Togoland
Group photo by Mohammed at Togoland

We had a great ride.  Many riders turned up to brave the chilling wind.  It was blowing at 5mph.  It lowered the temperature to 60F.  With this adversity we soldiered through the cranberry bogs.

We had 4 groups.  A group, B group, C group, and the short group.  There will be video highlights, soon.

The A group rode 35 miles at 18mph.  The B group averaged 17mph.  We had about 25 riders, all together.

Tom and I were flying on Ring Road.  Lots of fun was had.


Hanson Ride 11/13/16

The Hanson ride is  a go for 9 AM on Sunday.  See you there.

National Weather predicts a high of 60F and sunny skies.  We know how that one can play.  However, I am hoping for great weather!

Please be ready to roll at 9 AM, sharp.