December is rolling.

The difference between Saturday and Sunday was 5 degrees. Sunday was at 35F. Andy is wearing his Lake 303 winter boots. I will polish mine. Saturday was a nice ride through Sharon, Foxboro, Canton, and Milton. Many of us rode up the Moose Hill Grade. We did the Hanson ride on Sunday which found the temperature dropping from the “warm” times of Saturday.

Hanson ride is next Sunday at 9AM.


Hanson Ride

Captain Cold(Len) is in close place for #2 on the leaderboard.  Tracy made the leaderboard last week with the #3 spot.  There was a lot of activity over the last two weeks.  Paul took #1 spot with 200+ miles.

The turnout was small but powerful on Sunday.  Everyone was in positive spirit and a good time was had.  It is still relatively warm at this stage. Wait for January.  You will see cold, then!

Look for the Garden Gnome.  Most of the routes go past it!

Hanson ride report 11-13-16

Group photo by Mohammed at Togoland
Group photo by Mohammed at Togoland

We had a great ride.  Many riders turned up to brave the chilling wind.  It was blowing at 5mph.  It lowered the temperature to 60F.  With this adversity we soldiered through the cranberry bogs.

We had 4 groups.  A group, B group, C group, and the short group.  There will be video highlights, soon.

The A group rode 35 miles at 18mph.  The B group averaged 17mph.  We had about 25 riders, all together.

Tom and I were flying on Ring Road.  Lots of fun was had.


Hanson Ride 11/13/16

The Hanson ride is  a go for 9 AM on Sunday.  See you there.

National Weather predicts a high of 60F and sunny skies.  We know how that one can play.  However, I am hoping for great weather!

Please be ready to roll at 9 AM, sharp.



11-11-16 Ride

We had a great ride on 11/06/16 in Hanson. We had sunny skies that disappeared rapidly. We rode in some light rain. The sun returned as soon as reached the parking lot. We had 16 riders brave the rain. The new club jackets are great in the rain.

Tom was flying on the Franklin Street Flush.  All of Franklin Street in Halifax has been paved.  The front group held 23 mph going down the whole thing.

Let’s hope for a sunny date on Friday. On 11/11/16 we will for 50 miles. Average pace will be 15-16 mph. We will leave from Hanson Shaw’s Supermarket Plaza on Route 58.

We will ride through Bridgewater to Easton. We will go around Lake Massapoag in Sharon. A coffee stop will be made at the old French Memories in Sharon Center. We will loop back to Hanson.

See the strava route at You can print a cue sheet from that link,


Upcoming rides 11-3-16

Saturday’s NHS coastal route will be show’n’go.

We will have a 30mi ride through Sharon on Saturday. We roll from the Houghton Pond Parking lot on Hillside in Milton at 9am.

Sunday will have the Hanson ride at 9am. We roll from the Shaw’s supermarket in Hanson on route 58.

On Veteran’s day we will ride from the Shaw’s to Sharon. It will be 50 miles. Ride time is 10am.


2017 Rides


Just a reminder we are always looking for new ideas. We encourage you to bring the ideas forward. Unlike other bike clubs we are very organic. We are constantly evolving and have a younger fresh membership. Many our of members like touring ideas. We also have those that want to ride hard and fast.

We try to make room for everyone!

For the next year in 2017 here are some of the things in the works.

Norwell rides 28-50 miles
Marshfield rides 30 miles
Hanson rides 30-50 miles
Duxbury rides 30 miles
Grist Mill in Plymouth for 35-80 miles
Westport 30-50 miles
Martha’s Vineyard Skunk Tour (50 miles)

If you have any questions or ideas then please ask someone! Send me an email at

Bill O’Hara

Great Ride

We had a nice turnout.  A lot of people did 37 miles on the front group.  We added in some more bogs.  We rode a lot of new pavement.  Many thanks go to the various towns that repaved!  Fuller Street from Togoland to Cedar Street was awesome.

Some of the colors were awesome.  Plus, we saw a few bogs being flooded for the harvesting.  One field was under harvest during the ride.  Expect a few to be harvested during the ride on next Sunday.

We had 20+ riders.  Lots of women rode, today.  One of Mike(Hanson leader)’s goal has been to increase female turn-out.  We are an inclusive club! This includes Arvella, Becky, Diane, Tracy, Maria, Liz, Judy.  Becky set the QOM on the the Half Enchilada Strava Segment.  This is the portion of the ride from the start to Togoland.

We waited at the stop light on Rt 58 to regroup and pause for a few seconds.  Thankfully, we missed the accident that happened on Route 58 northbound.  A dolly went flying from a service station and hit a truck.  This could have been one of us.

Tracy, Mike, and Diane
Tracy, Mike, and Diane

We want to see if there interest in ordering another set of the podium jackets for warmer wear.  Please contact Bill.

Below is a picture of Greg on vacation with his wife.  Always wear your SSB kit.

Greg on vacation
Greg and Katy on vacation