Climb to Clouds century

Here are some photos of the crew at the Climb to Clouds Century.  The century was a ride to the top of Mount Wachusett.  The CRW runs this century.  It has about 6,000 feet of climbing in 100 miles.  The climb to Mount Wachusetts is about 4 miles of hard climbing.

In this picture Wes is on the return to the start.


Mount Wachusett is one of the highest peaks in the eastern region of Massachusetts.  The tallest is Mount Greylock(you can pedal up that one). It hosts a ski resort during the winter.  The area is famous with hikers as well.

Here are Vito and Linda on the ascent of the mountain.20160717_103902 Here is Greg Buckley on the ascent.20160717_103541

Friday Night Time Trial results 07-22-16

Dan McCabe 27:35.8 #1  26.0mph
Dave McCutcheon 31:29.2 #2 22.9mph
Vito Visconte 31:44.1 #3 22.5mph
Robert Silvers 36:16.0 20.0mph
Travis Wenkalmen 36:16.9 19.9mph
Keith Naymie 37:31.7 19.1mph
Mike Borden 39:32.6 18.2 mph

Ladies Champion
Nikki Montanaro 44:19.0

Members found the course to have some challenges. The wind was unique to the course. The crosswind across the hay field slowed the direction of travel in both directions. The course was mostly north and south on one road.

The temperature was close to 90 Degrees. The humidity level was approximately 90%. This would also slow speeds. The higher humidity level increases air resistance.

In August we will try for a Time Trial on the Box in Middleboro, which is Precint, Thompson, Summer, and Plain streets.

Thanks for coming! I appreciate everyone’s hard work.20160722_185926

Club Time Trial on Friday 07-22

FREE EVENT !  All club members are welcome to try.  You don’t have to be a racer.  It is you against your own personal record.

Hoping to make this an annual event! The plan is to have people park at the Halifax Town Hall(499 Plymouth Street Halifax) or the school. From there it is a short ride west to Thompson St. You race down the entire length of Fuller St and turn around and race back. It is you against the clock.

Try to set your PERSONAL RECORD. There will be no drafting. Think of USAC Time Trial rules, but racing side by side and crashes. The fastest person is the 2016 Time Trial Club Champion.

I will be stationed at the start of Thompon Street with the stopwatch.  People would start at their designated time. Simply ride to the start and be ready to make a flying start at your start time.  See the list below for your starting time.  Email ( or call Bill to get your start time.

The race is an out and back course on Thompson St.  Much of the course features decent pavement. A good stretch in Middleboro has been repaved.

It is 12 miles R/T.

Course Description:
From the start at Route 106 in Halifax to Togoland it is 6 miles. You would turn around at Togoland and ride back to the Route 106 for complete 12 miles. The name of the street is Thompson Street. We ride the complete length of the street and return.

Halifax Town Hall 499 Plymouth Street Halifax

After the race we would head to Lyonville Tavern for 7 PM dinner and appetizers.

Current Starting List:


Mike Borden 6:01 PM
Liz Malone 6:02 PM
Linda Adams 6:03 PM
Robert Silvers 6:04 PM
Christopher Simo 6:05 PM
Nikki Montarro 6:06 PM
Keith Naymie 6:07 PM
Travis Wenkalmen 6:08 PM
Jack Murphy 6:13 PM
Lori Watkins 6:09 PM
Dave McCutcheon 6:10 PM
Vito Visconte 6:11 PM
Dan McCabe 6:12 PM

Let me know of any questions.
Bill 617-792-3126

Judy and Pam get ready for RAGBRAI

Judy and Pam are getting ready for RAGBRAI.  Judy and Pam lead our women’s g13613393_1373208042695138_7464913637469851667_oroup.  Pam works on teaching paceling and ride etiquette.  Arvella rode with them on a 50 mile practice run, yesterday.  RAGBRAI is a giant ride across Iowa.  On July 25th they ride across all of the great state of Iowa.  Judy will take lots of pictures.

I am sure that there will be a picture of their stop in New York, Iowa.  Go to the RAGBRAI website to learn about their route.  They also have gravel route options!


July news

We will have a club Time Trial on 07-22. I need to know if you are racing ASAP. I have to set a start sheet. This will be a race against your personal best. Don’t take it too seriously. Let’s just have fun.
We will go to dinner in Halifax after the race. I plan for the first riders to start at 6 PM. Riders go sequentially in time gaps.
Weekly ride! 

We will ride from Marshfield Furnace Brook Middle School on Wednesdays at 5:30PM.  Lauren and Maria will be leading this ride.  The route is 28 miles.

Norwell ride is on July 16 at 8 AM.


Hope we can get people to sign up for Strava! Several new riders already had Strava. Make sure to join the South Shore Bikers club page on Strava. The club page is at
Please let me know if you are going to ride the CRW Climb to the Clouds next Sunday. We plan to do the 60 from Bolton.
Order your club jerseys at Use the paypal function to pay; this works the best. These jerseys run larger than Verge. Check the sizing chart.

July 4 2016 Weekend

There will be some options for the folks this weekend.

Saturday – Norwell Ride at 8 AM

Sunday – Rockland ride at 7:30AM.  We ride with the CRW on Sunday.

Monday – A Group (30 miles) from Marshfield at 8 AM; this ride will be a casual pace to Duxbury.  Judy will lead this ride.

B Group (80 miles) from Halifax at 8 AM. This ride will be at tempo and maintain a paceline.  We will stop several times as required.  We may stop in the ride.  Average pace will be from 16-18mph.  PM for more details.




06-26-16 in review

Pam and Judy will be heading to RAGBRAI, soon.

We roll from Norwell on next Saturday.  Some of us with will ride with the Apostles on their special Fourth of July celebration.  It will be a fun next weekend.  There will be plenty of barbeques and new decks to see.

People are asking questions about 13494778_10208764355281653_1604678164621695016_nthe new jerseys.  You can order them via the webstore at

It was hot during the last weekend.  We rode with the MS150 crowd for a while on Saturday.  They took over our Coastal route.  Over 3,000 bikers rolled through Cohasset and Scituate.

We met a lot of the Yaegerdogs.  We rolled with them.  At Coffee corner we hid in the shade on the side of the building.  The sun was collecting on us.  Notice one person in the picture was wearing his solar sleeves.  He should have been wearing his South Shore Bikers jersey!

Mike Togo and Andy Brand led us a great adventure through the flat countryside south of Middleboro on the Sunday.  We actually went into Wareham via Thinonet road.  This takes you past the Ocean Spray cranberry processing center.  So, we were still in the cranberry country.  However, we saw lots of other crops.

I did have to stop at the intersection for a tractor on more than one occasion.  The area is not like southern Illinois.  There are few hills.  It is not like Indiana as the roads are paved.  It is own unique farming community.  Something that you might not notice in the busy hubbub of Boston or consider as part of Massachusetts.

Anyways, it was a great ride on Sunday.  Travis, Mike, Lori, Action Jack, Allison, and I were in the front group practicing pacelining for awhile. We stopped for coffee at some shop in Rochester.  It was an enjoyable day.