Halifax 08.23.17
Halifax 08.23.17

The season’s penultimate Halifax ride was last night.  Next week, we will ride for the last time of the season.  Meet at Cape Cod Pizza in Halifax at 7:30 for a post ride dinner!


Sundays – Where do we go?

The club offers several streams of different pacings and distances.  This enables people to progress from beginner level to intermediate level rapidly.  We help develop you and progress your fitness.  So, now you can go on a tour!

The other week, Judy and Maria, went on a 400 mile bike tour.  Tracy rode from Montreal to Boston.   Ian is riding to Canada, next week.  We help you develop towards your goals.  Part of it is showing how to form those goals and measure progress.

Every Sunday we do the “flatter” area.  The coastal route on Saturdays has more elevation gain.  It is nice to have a change of pace.

Every Sunday the A group and the B group ride different routes that are created by the ride organizers.  It is nice to do something different.  These also enabsample route 08-13-17le to adjust the intensity of the rides and customize the rides to suit the level of the riders.  It also keeps everything fresh.

I generally try to find flow.  Right turns are always better.  Intersections that take less time.  30 seconds versus a 5 minute wait?  No brainer!  I also seek those low-traffic roads and the butter-smooth pavement.

Usually the A group does at least 50 miles on Sunday.  We often reach pacing of 22mph on large segments of the ride.  We can come back with an average of 19.6 or 20.5.  The B group averages 18-19mph.

Chasing those Strava Segments also helps your training.  Together, it is like we work intervals.



Wompy Tuesday & Wednesdays

WOMPY TUESDAY August 1, 2017

The views today were magnificent. Judy killed the bumps (as Melissa calls them), especially on the cliffs as she blew by all of us. To avoid the reconstruction of Rockland Street, we took the Whitney Spur Rail Trail back to Wom20476046_10208880732287056_2202617777595150807_npatuck State Park.

Today’s riders.
Welcome to first time Wompy Tuesday riders John and Dan. Hope to see you again next Tuesday.
Also riding were, Dana, Melissa, Mike, Judy, Darlene and myself.

Same ride tomorrow, Wednesday. 8:00 am.


Mt Wachusett 2017

20170716_125058~2Some of us rode a century on Sunday because Tracy rode 400mi during the week. We tried to catch up.  We went to the CRW century.  This century is very affordable($20/person) and well run.  We stayed ahead of Eric, the sweeper.

We added a few miles.  We started slow to warm up.  We hit a few of the hills before Mt. Wachusett.  Those hills were harder than the “climb.”  There was 10% grade on the main road to the visitor center.  The “climb” did not start until the visitor center.  Liz chose to do a repeat on the 10% section.  Why not?!?

The debate over the total elevation gain continues.  One bike computer obtained 6,600 feet of elevation gain over 105 mles.

Riders include Vito, Liz, Linda, Wes, Bill, and April from Team Kermit.

Vito was wearing the Triple Bypass kit, which you earn after riding over three mountains in Colorado in the same day in 2016.  The 2017 event was cancelled due to wildfires.

On top of Wachusett
On top of Wachusett


We had a good start to the weekend. Lots of people worked hard to improve their time on the 50mi. We did a new route for 50mi that featured Hull gut. Riders for the 50 include Eric (the Diesel), Eugene, Tracy, Liz, Linda, John, and Maria. Craig cheered for us as we attacked the Box in Scituate. He was headed to the beach.

On the 50mi we went out to the end of the Hull peninsula and saw Hull Gut. We could see Boston Light(oldest lighthouse in the USA) plus the Boston skyline. The town actually paved Fitzgerald bypass, which was a welcome relief. They painted new bike lanes in the area of Spinnaker island on Nantasket Ave.

Always avoid the bike line on Nantasket ave after the Cumberland Farms as the road approaches George Washington Blvd. The Bike Lane does not go all the way to the intersection. Cars will inappropriately merge through the end of the bike lane and hit you. The highest rate of incidences in Hull is AT the end of the bike lane and GW Blvd and Rockland St/Rt 228.

Riders for the mellow 30mi include Dana, Darlene, Mike, Mike, Judy, Glen, Martta, & Jack. The 30 mi group stopped for coffee at the Coffee Corner in Scituate.

What a week in the end! Coach Tony thought that he was going to be ahead on the total miles for the week.  Aaron had him beat some more miles so, Coach Tony, went out for a few miles.
However, when I looked at the chart, he was only #2. At 8:10PM on Sunday I noticed that he was back on the top.

Liz is in top for the longest ride of the week with almost 75 miles.
Great elevation gains for the week. John Eagan is almost 1

What a week! Coach Tony thought that he was going to be ahead. Aaron had him beat some more miles so, Coach Tony, went out for a few miles.
However, when I looked at the chart, he was only #2. At 8:10PM I noticed that he was back on the top.

Liz is in top for the longest ride of the week with almost 75 miles.
Great elevation gains for the week. John Eagan is almost 10,000 ft for the week. Ian had a lot of elevation gain this week with an attack on #Wawa and lots of gain in his daily commuting.

We really have a lot of club members working hard! This is wonderful. Last week, no one could beat Coach Tony. He is holding the top spot week after week. Awesome!

Rob rode another century and he is riding those left and right!! Great job!

Aaron is on the board with lots of mileage and elevation gain. Great job!

The Time Trial is moved to 06-30-17 at 7PM due to the threat of thundershowers. Norwell ride is at 8AM on Saturday. 30 and 50 mi options.leaderboard 06-19-17 week

Tuesday Wompy 24

We will have a Wompatuck 24 on Tuesdays at 9AM. This will be every Tuesday throughout the summer. Paul and Judy are the ride leaders. Meet inside Wompatuck State Park. Park across the street from the official visitor’s center.