Club Flat Century

17632156_10155200154709923_7156237476919269744_oWe meet at the Hanson Shaw’s Supermarket on May 20.  We roll at 8am.

We will stick together as a group and travel cranberry roads towards the south coast. We will stop for food at some general stores and covenience stores. This will be a 100 miler designed to get you going for the season. The elevation gain is actually less than the TFCE!

Allison and Mike will lead the 50 miler.

This ride will take time and we will stop at convenience stores along the route. Think of a social ride designed to get the 100 miles. We will aim to average 15 to 16mph. Think of this taking all day.
The 50 will start at the same time.

We will have a SAG vehicle.  Food purchases are on your own.