Weekly rides 2020

The weekly rides will return in 2020. At the membership meeting on 1/4/2020, we planned the following rides. The start date for the Marshfield ride has not been set, yet.

  • Blue Hills weekly on Wednesdays
  • Hanover rides weekly on Saturdays
  • Halifax rides every other Sunday
  • Alternative starts every other Sunday
  • Thursday Time Trial will be every other Thursday starting 5-14-2020

The Blue Hills ride will be focused more on hill workouts. The first ride will be on 4-15-2020. The meeting spot will be the free public parking lot at Houghton’s Pond on Hillside street in Milton. Workouts will include the option of the classic loop, repeats on the access road, and repeats on Chickatabot road in Quincy.

The Hanover ride will start from Route 53 by the BikeWay. The first rides will be on 4-18-2020. The first group will leave at 7AM. The Women’s group and the moderate pace group will roll at 8 AM. The front group will use the 50 mile route starting on 6-2-2020. The standard 37 mile route will on 4-18-2020.

The Halifax ride will start from Route 58 and Route 106 in Halifax. Park at the Cumberland Farms. The first ride will be on 4-19-2020. We will run this ride every other Sunday. The standard route to Marion will be used.

The Thursday Time Trials will start on 5-14-20 from Halifax. A route map is being made by Mr. Chris Corbin. Mr. Corbin will be the time trial manager.

Suggestions for alternative ride starts should be sent to Mrs. Liz Malone-O’Hara or Mrs. Wendy Torkelson. The alternative rides will allow members to showcase different routes or for the club to participate in rides with other clubs.

Wednesday night rides @ Cumberland Farms – Halifax

cumberland farms location 04-10-17

olympic-road-cycling-logo-hiSouth Shore Bikers will have a new start location for the Wednesday night rides in 2017. We will meet at the Cumberland Farms plaza in Halifax.  It is located at the intersection of Route 58 and Route 106.  Healthy Habits Nutrition is located in the plaza.  They offer recovery shakes.

Example - Halifax 27.5 route
Example – Halifax 27.5mi route

Our Wednesday rides will start on May 10th.  The start time is 6PM.  Please be ready to roll at 6PM.  If you have road headlights and taillights, then please bring them.

Safety is critical on this ride.  You must the follow the ride leader’s instructions at all times.  We will travel on quiet country roads but we also will travel on roads such as Route 58, which have a wide shoulder but will contain lots of workers traveling home to their families.

We will meet at the Cumberland Farms plaz

Linda with ex-pro Tyler Hamilton
Linda with ex-pro Tyler Hamilton

a at the intersection of Route 58 and Route 106.  The ride leader is Linda.  The ride will be 2 hours in length.  The routes vary at the discretion of the ride leader.  The plan is to utilize most of the available sunlight.