Mt Wachusett 2017

20170716_125058~2Some of us rode a century on Sunday because Tracy rode 400mi during the week. We tried to catch up.  We went to the CRW century.  This century is very affordable($20/person) and well run.  We stayed ahead of Eric, the sweeper.

We added a few miles.  We started slow to warm up.  We hit a few of the hills before Mt. Wachusett.  Those hills were harder than the “climb.”  There was 10% grade on the main road to the visitor center.  The “climb” did not start until the visitor center.  Liz chose to do a repeat on the 10% section.  Why not?!?

The debate over the total elevation gain continues.  One bike computer obtained 6,600 feet of elevation gain over 105 mles.

Riders include Vito, Liz, Linda, Wes, Bill, and April from Team Kermit.

Vito was wearing the Triple Bypass kit, which you earn after riding over three mountains in Colorado in the same day in 2016.  The 2017 event was cancelled due to wildfires.

On top of Wachusett
On top of Wachusett