Club jerseys

Club Jersey [Long-sleeve] / Price: $ 60.00
Bib Shorts / Price $60.00


The long sleeve cycling jersey is designed with an emphasis on high quality materials and anatomic fit. It is suitable for the average cycling physique. Made by Velotec.  These are great for the spring and fall weather.  They fit underneath the club jackets or a vest.

The bib shorts have a high waist and wide marc bands at the bottom.  These fit really nice!  The pad is good.


  • Two different types of fabrics
  • Light and soft fabric with a yarn fineness of 44
  • Elasticated bands -waist and sleeves
  • 3 open pockets
  • Medium weight
  • Fully customisable
  • Breathable and quick-dry
  • UV protection
  • Racing fit (Sizes XXS-6XL)
  • ITALY MITIĀ® Tek Mesh
  • ITALY MITIĀ® Ibisco