P2P Recap

The Group at the former Christmas Tree Shoppes

Our first rest stop was the iconic Christmas Tree Shops. This building is one of the few thatched commercial buildings remaining within New England. They also have a windmill. This might be gone within a year, if the new bridge plans take this space. We had a lot of trouble with scheduling the ride this year. There were many rain days. The scheduled weekend featured lots of fog, humidity, and some rain on both Saturday and Sunday.

Canyon was the dominant steed in today’s ride. We had one rider on a Seven. Another ride brought his Tarmac. One rider rode his Dogma with the climbing wheels. However, Canyon outnumbered the others. Remember when everyone was Specialized??

Wes and I pre-road the course during the very foggy and weekend prior to the P2P.

So, we had trouble finding a good day to work for the P2P with all of the falling rain this summer. While someone would ride in the rain, most would not. It is not fun to ride extensively in the rain and I think that most want to ride on a sunny day. Today worked well. The long holiday weekend did not really impact us. Many of the long term rentals on the Cape run from Saturday to Sunday. So, we encountered only local traffic as we were heading in the right direction while folks were heading northbound onto the highway (route 6).

Lobster Pot Express for lunch

As usual we rode to Herring Cove Beach in the actual end of Provincetown to make this trip one going all the way ! Some dipped into the Atlantic. Few were in the water due to the rough currents. The lifeguards were wearing long sweatshirts because they were getting cold with the long day in the wind. We also took advantage of the showers at the beach facility. After everyone was ready then we took the 1.5 mile jaunt into the town via the back way. We avoided the zoo. Well, there still were a lot of bicycles around the area.

Provincetown is now a biking mecca. Casual users are heading to the beach or the shop via bike. Lots of people are walking on foot.


Coastal Route

Here’s some video from the B group on the coastal route. The B group is more relaxed than the A group focusing on steady tight pace-lining. We had a lot of fog on 7/1/23. You could not see Minot Lighthouse with its flashing beacon; truly a surprise for an experienced rider. This is the section, where both of the lanes become part of the travel on a summer one way zone. The Light should be visible to the right of the camera.