What’s more fun than a January century?! Come try out all of the awesome cold weather cycling gear Santa brought you for a relaxed pace ride through the South Shore. We will start in Hanover where the weekend coastal loops start, and make our way down to Marion for a stop at Uncle Johns 37 miles in. We will then loop through Rochester, Acushnet, Lakeville and Freetown before making our way back north through Middleborough and through East Bridgewater before heading back to the start.

This route hits many roads traveled on various club routes. This will be a relaxed pace, 16-17mph average at most.

We will stop at mile 37 at Uncle Johns (there is a convenience store around the corner) and we we will stop at mile 72 at a Cumbys.

Snow or extremely cold temperatures could cancel.

New Year’s Day Ride – Boston, MA 1/1/2022 *CANCELLED*

Snow has pushed us off! We will try again next year.

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Inspired by the challenge and the community spirt in Pittsburgh, I want to have us ride some hills in Boston. One of the best days during the year is often New Year’s Day. This features little traffic. Did you know that Boston has hills? There used to be three hills on a narrow peninusla jutting into the harbor. Those hills aren’t quite there, now. One remains. We will tackle the hill plus travel through the Dorchester Heights & West Roxbury, conquer Breed’s Hill, roll through the North End, and finish in South Boston.

This will be a change of pace and have some epic scenery.
Some of the hills have gradients of 16%, but everything is short. Nothing is like Chris’s Logan Street or Canton Ave(37% with cobbles). We can do this.

We will ride in a neutral easy going pace. Perhaps I should say slower than normal. We want to watch for traffic. Everyone will stick together from hill to hill. When I blow the whistle the front group will charge up the hill. The following group will take their time up the hill. We will regroup at the top of each hill. The elevation profile of this ride is actually not much more gain than riding the Plymouth 50 mile route.

3 Points for the first person on any hill.
2 Points for the second person on any hill.
1 Point for the third person on any hill.
Double your points if you KOM on Strava.

Pope John Paul II Park

We will start on the flat in the parking lot of Pope John Paul II Park. This is free parking and near the rail trail. We will ride the rail trail into the dense sections of the city. After climbing some hills in Dorchester, Roslindale, West Roxbury, and Jamacia Plain, then we will take another rail trail into town. We will climb Beacon Hill. We can stop for coffee on Tremont St and those that do not want to partake on each hill can stop at the coffee shop for a break. Next, we will head for Bunker Hill monunment. Afterwards, we will roll south through the North End, South Boston, and Dorchester to return to Pope John Paul II Park.

A Dozen Hills
Walk Hill
Cummins Highway
Monterey Hill
Bearberry Hill
Bellevue Hill
Bussey Hill
Scarboro Hill
Beacon Hill 3x
Breeds Hill (Bunker Hill)
Telegraph Hill
Savin Hill

Final Rides for October

10/31 Halifax B 8:00 AM
The Halifax ride (no-drop) will follow the Highland Route to the Uncle Jon’s in Marion. Avg pace is expected to be from 16 to 18.

10/31 Marsh 30 C 8:00 am
The C group on Sunday has a great turn-out and is a good place to start riding. Ride Leader Jack runs this group. They make two stops and tour a flat route. This rolls at 8 AM from the Marshfield Town Hall. This is the last ride of the season!!

Upcoming rides

9/9 GZ 6:30 am
The Green Zone (Thursday morning) is a steady pace – keep the heart rates at 125bpm continously – for 30 miles. This is VP Hanover 50 A 7:30 AM
The faster drop ride will head for roll on the coastal look CCW and visit Hull.

9/10 Friendy Friday 7:00 AM A group 21 mph

9/11 Hanover 50 A/B 8:00 AM
The faster drop ride will head for roll on the coastal look CCW and visit Hull.

9/12 Hanover 37 B/C 8:00 AM
The Hanover ride (no-drop) will follow the coastal loop clockwise. Avg pace is expected to be 16 to 18

9/12 Marsh 30 C 8:00 am
The C group on Sunday has a great turn-out and is a good place to start riding. Ride Leader Jack runs this group. They make two stops and tour a flat route. This rolls at 8 AM from the Marshfield Town Hall.


The 2021 Racing Season is coming to end. The Last Wompatuck of the season was held on 8/31/21.

Mass Bay Road Club held the weekly training races (USAC sanctioned) within Wompatuck State Park on Tuesday nights. These are the closest sanctioned races that occur on a weekly basis.

Club P2P

We are going to have a great P2P for 2021. Everything is on the way back to normal. Please register! We must have a headcount for this ride.


The club’s annual ride to Provincetown. We ride through the Cape and the take ferry back to Plymouth. Parking is at the Jenny Grist Mill parking lot. This ride is for all abilities. You must be able to reach Provincetown by 4PM. We will ride in groups, together.

There will be a SAG.

Ride starts promptly at 7 AM. Please be in the parking lot by 6:45am. You need to have your bag in the SAG car. You will get your bag at the beach at the end of the ride. We ride past Ptown to the end of the land. We will reach the beach. The swim is worth it. Watch for sharks !!

There will be several different speed groups. You should be able to maintain a 16mph average in order to make this an enjoyable ride for you to experience. Slower riders will be in smaller groups. The ferry leaves later and allows you more time to complete the ride. We expect to have 2 major groups with rotating pacelines at 16 and 18 mph.

For our route we will use the service road to Hyannis. When we reach Rt 132, there is actually a grade separated path that we will take to the next traffic light. We will cross route 132 at the traffic light. We will travel on lightly traveled roads from this point to the extension of the Rail Trail. We will take the new extension to the rail trail. The GPS file will go to the end of the cape at Herring Cove beach. The annual tradition as started by the V is to make a swim in the water. There are free showers at the beach.

The SAG wagon will transport 1 SMALL bag for each rider. You can have a change of clothes and a towel. When we reach the beach, then you grab your bag, swim in the ocean, shower, and organize for the luncheon in Ptown. We will roll to the Lobster Pot Express in town prior to boarding the return ferry.

The return ferry is at McMillian Pier.

You must purchase your own ticket from Cap. John’s Boats for the return ferry trip. You must register for the event prior to the ride on the Strava page. Please use the link.


We are running the Coastal route (37 miles) in A and B groups for the next two weeks. Register on Strava and download the maps. Grist Mill 50 will be on Sunday(5/9)

2021 Dues & Membership form

Welcome to a brand new year of cycling! We wanted to make the membership process really easy this year, so we’ve created an all-in-one online link where you can fill out your emergency contact information, digitally sign your liability waiver for the year AND pay your $10.00 membership fee. Here’s the link, and happy riding!

SSB 2021 Membership


Upcoming Club Rides

COVID can put a damper on anything. We are trying to keep it organized and flowing. If COVID cancels a ride, then we cancel. You must pre-register for rides. Our Strava Events track attendance and can be used for contact tracing.

Membership renewals will start soon. We are developing a new integrated waiver/dues page for the website. The President requires people not to duplicate their rides on Strava. There are a number of people posting their rides twice. They have not been removing their second copy of the rides. This limits the capability of Strava to show the weekly leaderboard properly. In fairness to the others, she is removing people until they delete their extra rides.

Our first SAG ride of the year will be the Quabbin tour on 4/24. This is a way to test your legs. This is suitable for A and B group rides. The Martha’s Vineyard tour is a casual affair that will zoom around the island on 5/9.

We are having a training weekend on 5/15 & 5/16 in Northampton. Northampton actually has a lot of rail trails, which makes it suitable for the C group. We will also have a challenging century on 5/15 and a tough hill ride on 5/16 for the A&B groups.

Our P2P will be on 7/17. This is a SAG ride. A/B/C members will be succesful on this ride. We roll at 7 AM. You must be in Ptown by 4PM in order to ride the ferry home.

Please register for all events on Strava. If you decide that you will not attend, then you simply go to the event and opt out. When you click on the route from the event page, then you can save the route to your Garmin or Wahoo by clicking on the STAR button towards the top left of the page.

3/6 Coastal 37 A/B/C
3/7 Halifax 50 A/B/C

4/24 Quabbin Tour – A/B Groups SAG

5/9 SSB MV Spring Tour (A/B/C Groups)

5/15 SSB Training Weekend Day 1 Century (A/B Groups)
5/15 SSB Training Weekend Northampton Rail Trails (C Group)
5/16 SSB Training Weekend Day 2 Century (A/B Groups)

6/19 B2VT (Must Preregister with B2VT – Epic Ride A/B)

7/17 P2P (A/B/C Groups)