Upcoming rides

Rides for 8/29 are cancelled. We will have an extra Marion ride on 8/30 at 7 AM and the Marshfield ride at 8 AM.

Next week the start time for the rides will advance to 8 AM. The A group will be riding a 42 mile course at 8AM. The route of the day will alternate between the Duxbury, Coastal alternative, or the cranberry loop. The B group will follow the Coastal 37 mile loop.

When using Strava via the mobile app, if you click on the third tab for the club the feed displays. However, if you click on the button with the actual name of the club, then you will see the rides listed on Strava. You can register for rides on the mobile app. On the web version, you can click onto the route page from the event page and star the route. When you star the route, then it automatically synchronizes to your Garmin or Wahoo device.

The Martha’s Vineyard Tour will be in September. Please register at https://www.strava.com/clubs/186760/group_events/634866

Tues 9/1
630AM 30 GZ  https://www.strava.com/clubs/186760

Fri 9/4
630AM 20 FF https://www.strava.com/clubs/186760/group_events/757834

Sat 9/5
8AM 42 Hanover https://www.strava.com/clubs/186760/group_events/782661
8AM 37 Hanover https://www.strava.com/clubs/186760/group_events/785319

Sat 9/6
8AM 50 Halifax https://www.strava.com/clubs/186760/group_events/785320